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How Resident Input is Shaping Castle Pines

almost 2 years ago

Resident input has shaped the work of the city for many years, most recently with the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. In the past two years, based on recommendations from the resident-informed Comprehensive Plan, the city has done the following:

Parks, Recreation and Open Space

We know from engaging the public, that Castle Pines residents value parks, trails, open spaces, and high-quality recreation opportunities.

  • New Open Space and Park Land: Through development of Castle Pines Valley, Castle Pines Town Center and the Canyons, the city is adding 1,532 acres of new open space and 174 acres for parks and trails.
  • Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan The city adopted the 2017 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan which seeks to addresses community-driven needs and desires for recreational facilities, trails, open spaces, and recreation programs throughout Castle Pines. The plan also developed an action plan for potentially developing a recreation center.
  • Rueter Hess Reservoir – The city is actively working to coordinate efforts as a member of the Rueter Hess Recreational Authority Board. The city was involved in the development of the 2016 Rueter Hess Recreation Master Plan, which calls for 17 miles of trails at the site, fishing, and backcountry camping, among many other uses.


  • In 2017, the city approved a Master Transportation Plan.
  • The city will complete an overhaul of all highway signage by this August (2018).
  • The west end of Castle Pines Parkway has been redesigned to include on-street bike lanes.
  • Pedestrian crosswalks have been installed along major arterials in town (Monarch Blvd., Castle Pines Parkway) to improve pedestrian safety.
  • And, all new developments will have extensive trail systems, sidewalks and bike lanes.


We know that residents value the unique character and feel of Castle Pines and want to see future development and construction that reflects these values. In April 2018, the city adopted Mixed Use Design Guidelines. These Design Guidelines originate from the vision, goals and policies of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan as they relate to the mixed-use districts, emphasizing enhancement of Castle Pines’ unique existing community character while infusing vibrant community gathering spaces.

Key priorities include:

  • Community Character: Enhance the character of the larger community through thoughtful and appropriate design.
  • Balance: Balance uses to promote a pedestrian scale and walkability, to reduce the need for vehicle trips and to enhance sense of place and user experience.
  • Placemaking: Encourage spaces that allow people to spend quality time gathering and lingering.
  • Pedestrian Activity: Include provisions for pedestrian and bicycle connectivity as an alternative mode of transport to surrounding and nearby neighborhoods.
  • Sustainability: Promote sustainable design.
  • Bicycle Connectivity: Provide safe and convenient bicycle access to all developments, with clear connections to adjacent greenways or bike paths where applicable.

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